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Combining Housing, Facilities and Transport Infrastructure in Brussels

Master Tutors
  • Yves Malysse (URA)
  • Federico Parolotto (MIC)
Scientific Committee
  • Jens Aerts
  • Nadia Casabella
  • Philippe De Clerck
  • Geoffrey Grulois
  • Géry Leloutre
  • Judith le Maire
  • Sarah Levy
  • Benoît Moritz
  • Marco Ranzato
  • Michael Ryckewaert
  • Philip Stessens
  • Yannick Vanhaelen
Louise & Ster*

Mobility is one of the pressing questions if Brussels is to develop in a sustainable way -as the many studies and reports produced for the region and turning around this issue help to demonstrate. Less frequent though are urban design and architectural proposals that tackle this question at the small scale. 

Held from Oct. 28th to Nov. 8th 2013, the END OF LINE Master Class addressed demographic growth by looking at mobility-related infrastructure: park & ride surfaces, on-street parking or storage structures intended for rolling stock that play a key role in urban mobility. 

Following a design research developed with master tutors URA (BE) and Mobility In Chain (IT), some 40 students from all over the globe gathered in Brussels to investigate functional combinations and potential hybridizations in very concrete proposals on an urban project scale, simultaneously addressing architecture and city planning.