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Connections Where Lines Become Urban Spaces

Master Tutors
  • Stefan Bendiks (Artgineering)
  • Aglée Degros (Artgineering)

Like many European and global metropolises, Brussels is heavily affected by the issues of
a progressively more densely populating city. Having to cope with the needs of new housing and working spaces, its development induced the creation of a number of “fractures”.

From heavy infrastructure to large built complexes, these entities, tend to often divide the territory and generate important socioeconomic inequalities. Not only separating two shores of one another but entire neighbourhoods, economic districts and key urban areas they require attentive focus and the necessary interventions linking important centres, social facilities and various infrastructures.

The design approach of the Master Class BRIDGES will address these issues by focusing less on the technical aspect of
the connection, but rather on unveiling
the potentials of the compounds, and re- imagining new active urban places and public spaces intervening in key socioeconomic nodes of Brussels.

From Nov. 2nd to Nov. 13th 2015, students from all over the world will work with Aglaee Degros and Stefan Bendiks, architects and directors of Artgineering (BE) to envision projects that could act as catalysts in the urban renewal of Brussels, and serve as examples for cities worldwide.